‘The eyes are the windows of the Soul.’
How often do we turn away at another’s look ?
Another’s stare that seems so intimidating …
Is it because we cannot bear to see beyond their eye,
or is it our reluctance for another to see us as we are ?
Are we afraid to show our true greatness, our brilliance ?

Or dare we dare to see our true self ? Is it our brightness
that dims the true perspective of someone else ?
The Throne of God is a place of such brightness,
in the very centre of our brain, the seat where
the third eye links with those endocrines
that thrive on light and master our physicality.

In energy healing, light is brought to all three
together with the other centres that interface
the physical with the etheric that borders
our being with the other realms that we enjoy.
Our multidimensional light spans the Omniverse,
as our other realities affect our current incarnation.

There are two of our closely related energies
currently expanding in vibration and influence
that affect the whole of humanity and creation.
Solar flares are one manifestation of these powers
Our three eyes are filled with the clarities of love and light.
As with all, these energies are there for the taking. Or not.

When you look out and marvel at the cosmos
can you truly see beyond this physical world
can you let your mind expand to witness
what you have created, what you have masterminded ?
For you truly are the Master of all you survey
You are the Master of Love and Light, if only !

If only you would recognise and accept
your own truly amazing self that lives in the stars,
that lives in so many selves in so many dimensions
all at the same moment in the now of eternal time.
Master ! Hold my hand. Come dance with me
among the stars and galaxies, your true home.


About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to THE EYES HAVE IT

  1. beautiful David, I wonder just how many of us LOOK! through our eyes.. to see the Wonder of it all.. And I wonder how many stop to really look us in the eye to see who is behind them.. ? ~Sue ~Blessings sent your way.. Enjoy your Weekend


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