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Many of us must feel, from time to time, as if we are stuck in our own home made ruts. Since, rest assured the ruts we exist in are certainly of our own making. But how often do we hear: ‘Get real !’ when all we want is to better ourselves and our situation. To get a better job to earn more to provide better education for our kids or whatever.

So many times we get slapped down, if not physically then verbally, by our peers or our families who come out with , ‘you’re just too big for your boots sunshine, you know that’s never going to happen.’ But how else are we going to get better ? Get better at anything if we don’t dream a little ? Look over the fence and see a greener patch a different way.

I’m sure you know by now that the special energies filtering through the Universe are showering down through our atmosphere for our benefit. This is the momentous time, the perfect place to be right now to take advantage of the most amazing gifts that are there on offer.

It’s not automatic though, well I guess in the long run it could be, but if you want to get the most out of it you have to put in your application, stand up and commit to the possibilities that, let’s face it, I know you’ve already seen in your wildest imaginings.

You don’t have to tell anyone, just to get slapped down, so keep it to yourself, don’t even tell your best friend or your favourite Guru. But DO go with your dream, ask for that gift, that possibility to be yours. Tell yourself that you are the worthy one, the one best able to, the one most qualified to do the right thing and help others to do the same. By all means if you have a particular person you pray to tell them how you feel.

There’s no hierarchy here its available to us all. When you get up in the morning and you don’t like what you see, that should be the best incentive to get off your butt and opt for change.

You see that is the nub of Ascension, it’s all about change. The Universe is changing right before your eyes and it’s changing for you. So why shouldn’t you get some of the action too ? Opting for change is the first step, willing to be part of the changing Universe is your key to joining. No other fee is required !

Abraham says:
Many around you want to point out “reality” to you. They say, “Face the facts. Look at what-is.”
And we say to you, if you are able to see only what-is-then, by Law of Attraction, you will create only more of what-is …
You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what-is in order to attract something different or something more.


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One Response to LOOKING BEYOND

  1. Here’s to Change.. and our understanding that we all need to change or else we do not progress.. ~Blessings~ Sue


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