Marching on from Mu or in my case ‘M’ … it’s as if any ‘M’ or ‘m’ stands out in text to greet me. One of my most urgent tasks was to try and improve my memory. And lo and behold there are two Ms in memory. And guess what ? As reported before, my memory has improved.

Also stated previously ‘meditation is not for everyone’ and I have had many teachers in the past, but nothing worked or should I say nothing gave me what I needed until lately.

M is my beginning in Me it is also my end in I AM. It is my alpha and omega.
Is this what the sages were on about when they tried to get us to concentrate on Mu ?

At the close of meditation this morning it came as the wonderful indicator that showed up in all the words that flooded into my mind and has prompted me to simplify my thoughts and hence my life. (You get the gist.)

I guess I will always start my day, before the mind gets active, with my early morning meditation that begins in prayer, but looking now not so much to meditate at other times, but to become meditation throughout my working day. (Except when operating any machinery from cars to chop saws !) The only exception would be to continue to follow the guided meditations from such extraterrestrials as Sananda.

However, that said, there is another aspect to the becoming that has intrigued me: When concentrating on M it’s as if it becomes a sound, but not a sound if you know what I mean ? Could it be just a perception of energy ? Then an extension of that impression is that every movement, every distant, or for that matter immediate, noise becomes ‘Mmm’. Even my breath becomes Mmm, as if I am in the height of enjoyment or happiness. The cat’s purr becomes it. The coffee machine, the wind in the trees, the hum of the computer. Even in a room of silence the noise of silence takes on Mmm.

Is it life itself that is Mmm ? Or am I Mmm and everything that I perceive is a reflection of me? My own energy reflecting back to me, but at what level ?
How about you ?

With Love Hanukah


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