This was supposed to be posted in February, but you know how it is !
As winter closed we wondered:

Was this the winter of our discontent ?
The purity of snow with no relent.
This pretty stuff with which kids love to play,
in small amounts can beautify your day,
but when the fall continues you’re surprised
it covers all, no contours recognised.
Out of reach of heat, light and friendly face
all frozen now, no water for some days.
Kind soul left water at the garden gate
snow too deep to reach. Is it all too late ?
Tired now, bed’s the only place of warming
perhaps I’ll try again in the morning.

Outside I cannot see or know what goes
Blanket helping but cannot feel my toes.
Snow has drifted against the outer door,
too weak now to push against the hard core
that fills the porch and hangs like glass curtains
from the roof where I watched the dripping rains.
I cannot see the bench where I would sit
On warm summer eves to relax a bit.
Remembering the heat brings a flutter
to my heart that speaks, I hear it mutter
Burn what you have saved of no consequence
Corner turned I listened to my conscience.

Have we been so uncaring and so bad
so greedy and so very, very sad ?
That our poor plundered Planet feels unclean
so it must cauterise with slides and steam,
the earthquakes and volcanoes, lands on fire.
Then cleanse with rains and floods up to the wire
and then to snow so much and freeze to kill
the bugs that now our seas and rivers fill.
Or are we humans the bacteria
that should be ridden from this area
of our Solar System and universe ?
These thoughts are more than just a simple curse …

It’s more a case of a daily sorrow
That plagues my soul and prompts me to borrow
from the Universe both some time and space.
Look this mischief directly in the face,
and plan a campaign of restitution
some wicked way of planet ablution.
But I will need your help to forge this task
into the minds and hearts of all who bask
in the light of the sun without a care.
To bring their thoughts and actions to bear
to clean and bring about a brand new birth
Will you sign up to heal our Mother Earth ?

Love Hanukah




About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to WINTER TURNS

  1. Yes David, Im signed in, and beating my drum…. Lovely poem.. ~Sue


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