Vision of the New Light with Sananda 120408. Continuing PROJECT.

Bringing a new threshold into our experience today, other than the Chakric system,
that point where the top of the spine enters the skull, often termed the Gateway of Heaven.

Starting at the Heart Centre, we were asked to visualise, through our Beautiful Presence, our connection with the other members of the group. I saw this as the ring of friends whose own projects were manifesting in the etheric as expanded auras over their heads.

These beautifully coloured expansions arched overhead to form a domed ceiling to our circle which then sent multicoloured rays out to others of like mind all round the world. Linking with the light of the Soul of Sirius felt cold and the light of the Soul of our Sun as warmth, the light of the Soul of the Earth felt like a nurturing Mother’s Love.

This triangle of Soul Light, transmitting the Light of the Source, with me at the centre felt so appropriate for my Project of Connection to Divine Mind through the Light of the Source. Seeing the flow of the Light in the past I felt I was a passive witness but moving towards becoming one with the flow and then becoming the flow itself today was a new and active experience.

The illumination of the Centre of the Head or the Throne of God, the Gateway of Heaven at the top of the Spine and the Beautiful Presence at the Heart Centre with the light of Sirius, the Sun and the Earth left me feeling glowing with Light and Love.
Thank you and blessings to Sananda.
And to Chris Sell of


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