Wisdom Ahhhh wisdom …
In my search for wisdom I remember years ago being advised to meditate and to concentrate on the simple syllable Mu. Which at that time I believed to be the shortened version of Lemuria.

Not so it seems, as I now understand Mu was one of the many islands that made up what we believe to be the ‘fabled’ city of Atlantis which was itself one of the islands together with Poseida that were the amazing place which I am convinced lay to the west  of what we now know as Europe. But I digress:

Although my partner and I have recall of our time in Atlantis, or was it Mu, which has partly taken on a new significance for me of late. You see, in my search for a better self, better health and a wiser head on these shoulders it seems I have come almost full circle.

Part of Mu is now my daily concentration both in work, travel, where someone else takes the wheel, and in meditation. I now find myself concentrating on just the M which often extends to Mmmm as if it were the ending of a long Aum, which you may know as Om.

I do not hum so much as hear the sound within when my concentration becomes my connection to …

No, I have not yet reached the source of all wisdom but I feel that I may be on the right path as with enlightenment this is a figure of eight path turned on it’s side signifying an eternal learning and enlightening experience. A bit like walking a path through a mystical garden and with every step you take another fairy light is mystically turned on to light your way.

And another thing: apparently what I have been seeing as walls are in fact doors that I can open and the only keys we need to help us are the ‘Keys to Ascension’ which you will find at the top of this page.

There is a positive aspect to all of this in that when you are lost for words and just want to say, ‘yes I agree’, or, ‘give me more of the same’, you say ‘Mmmmmm’. So listen up and listen in for that divine sound !

Wisdom ? Well, that will come too. When we are ready …


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2 Responses to Wisdom

  1. William says:

    Thanks for this new information, David, will try your Mu. Glad you don’t hum so much!
    Happy Easter!


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