Reluctant Co-Creators

We have allowed ourselves to be contained in boxes of our own making. Subscribing to a religion, following a so called prophet, whom we have no problem with receiving the word of God, but in the same breath disallowing ourselves the same blessed connection.

It’s a bit like saying, ‘we have a Father but we are not allowed to talk to or listen to Him’. Only someone in a strange frock or dress can do that and we have to believe what he says is the word of God our Father.

When my partner put forward an idea in the monastery he was asked, ‘where did you read that ?’ Again if it was not already written and that publication allowed by the church he was not allowed to receive directly from the source ! How could we allow ourselves to become so blinkered, so narrow minded, so controlled by others ? My partner didn’t, he left.

We have been gifted with free will and it is our choice through millennia of influence and misunderstanding that we accept the notion that we are only, only physical beings and if experience does not come from one or more of the five senses that can be measured, proved and catalogued then it is erroneous.

Bearing in mind that the brain is physical and the MIND is multidimensional we have decided as a race, apart from a finite few, to disallow all other forms or channels of information, knowledge and wisdom that should be ours for the asking. Hence the self imposed limitation of the capacity of the brain to 10%. I say the finite few and until that number gets to the critical mass it will remain as our predetermined, but partially blocked mental state.

Make no mistake we are co-creators with the Divine. We make things with our hands but we create with our minds. Our minds, you see, on a multidimensional platform that includes our daily experience both within and outside of our selves and also in the dreams which we find so hard to come to terms with or understand are of our own making, our own creation and therefore within our capability to change.

Stay with me as we take the next cosmic leap in consciousness to include the creative ability to create our future but also to change our past which can have an immediate and life changing effect on our present and enhance the future to the way we wish it to be. The secret lies in Divine Mind.
Yours in love


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