Exclusive Mind

Following on from Well-Being it is a fact that we use only about 10 to 12% of our brain capacity which is not some predisposed malfunction to keep us under control by some Cosmic Overlord.

It is by our own choice.
We as a race are gifted with consciousness that of all lifeforms on earth is the only one that sees itself and knows it sees itself and creates with its mind before any thing is designed, moved, or made. All other lifeforms, without the gift of creation, can only see reflections.

Like it or not we are already co-creators and as individuals up to the consciousness of the race we have decided that we are physical beings and therefore can only experience those things which are physical. In that profound error we have accepted delusion. We have excluded the vast majority of data, knowledge and wisdom that could and should be ours simply by excluding them from our consciousness and relying solely on the five senses. This time of Ascension is our chance to change from 10 to 100%.

Beloved Sai Baba reminds us like this:
When Krishna said, “Remove the defect in vision, then the author of this Universe can be cognised,” Arjuna sought the cause for this faulty vision. Krishna explained, “Between Me and this universe, there moves maya (delusion).

It is indeed a hard task for one to see beyond maya, for maya too is Mine. It is of the same substance; it is My creation and under My control. It will turn in a trice, even the mightiest among men, head over heels!

Do not take maya to mean some ugly thing that has descended from somewhere else; it is an attribute of the mind which makes you ignore the true and the eternal Paramatma (Supreme Self) and instead value the manifold multiplicity of Name and Form.

It causes the error of believing the body to be the Self, instead of the embodied (the Deha instead of the Dehi). To overcome maya is surely the most difficult task. Only those who are wholeheartedly attached to Me can conquer My maya.”
– Geetha Vahini, Chap 13.

Yours in love


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