Vision of the New Light (25.03.12)

Thank you Christopher, Jackie and Sananda for today’s Meditation.
As I said on line it was a very deep experience.
You mentioned that this could be viewed as a transition point and only yesterday I e-mailed friends and used the expression:
‘God speed our transitions, our transfers and transmutations into ?’
And as Jackie said it was an almost technical aspect of our mind looking at its mechanics and its abilities to experience the manifestation of the New Light and the way it is allowing us to bring into being our individual Projects and indeed the Projects of the group.
I have always enjoyed the aspect of seeing the light within the head and the way in which it influences the endocrine system and in the particular the master chemical gland. So it was a treat to view the linking of the head with the heart, the bridging of the electrical/mental with the chemical/emotional bodies/Chakras.
When seeing myself, the group and the outer world linked by light it was as if Sananda was at the axle of a wheel around which everything turns, the boss was our New Light group and the rim of the wheel was the outer world all linked by the spokes of radiant light, and the whole turning to create a vortex of divine light.
The aspect of magnetism was a great analogy where I saw us as individual magnets drawing the light to ourselves, so it is not something we have to search or plead for it is attracted to us and there for us to use if we so wish.
Again as the light came towards me and past me I remained still to begin with but then spun like a spinning top creating yet another vortex of light. So apart from these physical aspects that I remember, most of the rest was indescribable as there are just not sufficient words in our limited vocabulary to explain what we see in such a very deep and beautiful meditation.
As I said, it will need at least one other run through to fully appreciate the gift and I can’t thank you all enough, including all the members of the group, our guides, angels and helpers in spirit.
Yours in Light and Love

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One Response to Vision of the New Light (25.03.12)

  1. This sounds to have and is an amazing experience.. as we all progress through these new and exciting energies.. Blessings sent your way ~Sue


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