Become a Source of Light

I would like to pass on this message from Sai Baba today:

 The  frog caught and held in the mouth of a cobra, unaware of its fate,  flicks at the snake’s tongue as if it were a fly to eat. So too, you  seek joy and earn pain, hunt for pleasure and bag grief. You attach  yourself to the body that decays, and let go of God. Thousands of wise  men have advised about this a million times. However their words have  not fallen on the soft soil of the heart and have not been watered by  the tears of contrition. From now on, let your heart with clean  consciousness, be a lamp. Pour into it the oil of Namasmarana  (chanting of the Divine Name). Place the wick of Self-Control and keep  it in position, so that the gusts of joy and grief do not scotch the  flame. Light it with noble thoughts like Aham Brahmasmi (I am God). Then, you will not only have Light, but also become a source of Light.

– Divine Discourse, March 1, 1965.


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2 Responses to Become a Source of Light

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Beautiful but terrible reminder that time is short and that tomorrow may be too late.
    What if the winds of the world blow out the flickering flame of our Lamp ? Where will we look for the necessary firelighter if we have not looked for it in advance and know where to find it ?
    Humans seem so unprepared for what is to come but immediately blame G”d for their own lack of attention. Sai Baba is a great source of inspiration while his advises are never discoloured by religious pettiness. Thank you David for sharing with us the words of this great Man.
    Love and Light.
    Angel Messenger


  2. William says:

    Thanks, David, this morning message struck a chord with me also. L&L, William


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