The Land of Tranquility
(The Multi Mind:)
It has been said that meditation is not for all, but I have a feeling that the opportunity is there for all to look back, in moments of quietude when you allow yourself to visit the Land of Tranquillity via the sub-conscious, to previous or concurrent lives. Whichever way you like to view them.

In order for you to be able to effect this entry into the unknown, it must first be accepted that the mind is not of this dimension alone. The brain is a part of our bodies, our current third dimensional reality, but the mind is multidimensional. And the multi mind communicates with its other reality counterparts constantly.

Imagine then that you are currently enjoying many different lives, some as a male entity, some as female, in different countries and stations in life at different ‘times’ in this world. Supposing also that in many of those lives you believe that you have to be self sufficient and are dedicated to the service of others and therefore unable to accept money, help or love from others.

In this life you chose to join the ministry, you take a vow of poverty and find yourself working in the slums of the world. You believe that money is the root of all evil, much as you have done in other lifetimes. In an atmosphere of drugs and violence you begin to question whether this is your true destiny and try to find ways to change your belief in poverty, thinking perhaps that there may be better ways to serve the poor.

You have the idea that money is not so bad and could be used to better effect to improve their lives and so your belief begins to change. But If it were just a case of changing your current view, everything would be easy. But it is not that easy because your mind is still in the constant contact with those other beliefs of the other realities that you also enjoy, that hold the strong view that money is evil.

Before you can change your current belief you will have to change the beliefs of multi mind in these other realities as well. This is where you need to find the peace within that will enable you to visit the Land of Tranquillity where all becomes possible. It requires hard, dedicated work but it is possible for you to change in the most fundamental ways.

When you achieve the change of multi mind, which may take a month or many years, true empowerment is yours as you will change not only your present but also your past and thence to a future that heralds the advent of the co-creator. This is the next step on the road to Ascension which is the first in a series of steps towards mastery of matter.


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