I have always felt that whatever we view as a difficulty will manifest in our lives as we attract that energy to us through fear or apprehension. I prefer to look upon difficulties as opportunities. Opportunities to use our God given gifts to get over, cope with, learn from and hopefully revel in those attractions that are for our highest good. Looking upon all eventualities with a cheerful heart enables us to look at life as the greatest opportunity to benefit, not this poor personality or playful Spirit but the glorious Child of God, we call Soul, that resides in complete trust and as the Passive Witness to all we experience.

Desires are the dangers that send us along spurious side-walks that can lead to those same difficulties that we try so hard to avoid. Here’s the thing: if you attract them, however hard you try you won’t avoid them, but it’s how you cope with them that matters !

I recall the words of Mother Theresa:
‘Lord I know that you will not send me anything I cannot cope with. I just wish you didn’t trust me so much.’

Sai Baba puts it like this:
Remember always that it is easy to do what is pleasant. But it is very difficult to be engaged in what is beneficial. Not all that is pleasant is profitable. Success comes to those who give up the path strewn with roses and brave the hammer blows and sword thrusts of the path fraught with danger. As a matter of fact, no road is strewn with rose petals. Life is a battle field (a Dharmakshetra), where duties and desires are always in conflict. Smother the fiery fumes of desire, of hatred and anger that rise up in your hearts; it is sheer cowardice to yield to these enemies that turn you into beasts. Meet all obstacles with courage. Difficulties make you tough and strong.
Divine Discourse, Feb 20, 1965.

So you could say that the real difficulty is in trying to do something beneficial.
Think about it !


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