(Or Further steps on the way to Ascension)
I have been working recently with the concept of what I call connection to the centre. Referred to by some as the sub-conscious or by others as Divine Mind. The sub-conscious has been looked upon by philosophers and psychiatrists as a no-man’s-land where strange things like dreams happen and certainly I have believed to date that one cannot understand dreams with ones current consciousness.

I understand now that neither can the interpretation of dreams be undertaken by another as each dream is personal to the dreamer.
The symbolism you experience, and hopefully come to understand, is totally yours and can be set and understood only by you. Taking your waking consciousness with you to act like a camera to record what you experience.

I have always believed that I have no memory, finding it difficult if not impossible to recall my past. Maybe caused by things I would rather not remember ! However, courage in hand, since embarking on this new path I have been amazed at the sheer volume and indeed clarity of memory that has surged forward into my waking consciousness. I am able to recall names and faces of people and places, but most of all I am remembering the feelings that go along with them. As feelings lead to beliefs I am starting to sift through the treasure trove of thoughts and ideas that set the early beliefs that have stayed with me for the last 70 years.

I have always had the ability to focus on one fine point to the exclusion of all else, even of someone calling my name which I exclude by concentration. (To the frustration of my family !) This has meant that I can walk down a street and see nothing or no other one than the route I wish to take. It has meant that I have been accused of being aloof, not recognising people I pass on my pathway to wherever.

But now there is a new view as if blinkers have been removed and I have more of a 180º field of vision expanded from the previous 20º, which I can attribute partly to my beloved partner who sees all and hears all. So together with this new vision is the awareness and indeed awesomeness of the hearing and sensing of other consciousnesses around me.

Some of those early beliefs, first planted by my parents and peers and then set in stone by my own experience, are coming to the surface as erroneous ideas and beliefs that need to be changed, as beliefs in error can affect attitudes of conscious mind, sub-conscious dreams, realities and even physical health, it is becoming a vast field of endeavour.

This new awareness, view and memory has brought with it a tremendous feeling of empowerment. This new realisation and understanding came alongside the huge choice that had to be made about whether to stay where we are or to change, up sticks and move to another country. Thank goodness the stone has revealed itself to be merely a mirage of solid sand, like a sand castle able to be changed by the turning tide.

Abraham looks at empowerment in this way:
Should I Leave or Should I Stay…? It is very empowering to discover that
your patterns of thought do not have to follow your current situation, and
therefore your current situation (on all subjects) can change. . . . We do
not recommend taking the physical action of leaving a relationship without
deliberately coming into thought alignment with the new desires that have
been born out of your current relationship. And then – whether you stay in
this relationship or move on to another – you can have exactly what you
Excerpted from the book, The Vortex Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships.

In fact the decision to move came before the new found feeling of empowerment through the realisation that it was possible for change of belief structure, reaching back to change the past and hence the present. And the future ? Needless to say the thought alignment of which Abraham speaks was fully discussed, agreed and accepted between us and others before any decision was taken.

But the most important aspect of all of this is the understanding that the past is not set and if we can accept the concurrent nature of other realities, as opposed to linear timed existences, so that the opportunity for change at all levels and through all realities comes within reach brings that amazing sense of empowerment and allows us to avoid being multi dimensionally ‘outnumbered’ !
More on this later.


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