Vision of the New Light with Sananda 120226. Continuing PROJECT.

It was a sad start to hear that Maya had passed, but a joy to know that she had blessed the group with her presence.

As I explained on line it was as if the meditation from Sananda, as in the past, was personal to me. And as I’ve said to you Christopher, having thought that my original Project was well on its way I was guided to an inner project of, to me, greater significance. But, Sananda brought the two together for me today by my vision to be part of the Divine Plan and in reaching forward to the future the physical and the spiritual parts of my vision became one. So it is no longer Project 1 and Project 2 … just the Continuing PROJECT.

The Light of Blessings showering the Vision of the Heart was a powerful experience and in the Plane of Light of the Universal Day, the Spiritual Light of the Sun was augmented by the Light not only of the Central Sun but also of the billion Novas and Super Novas that send their light to this Ascension process. This Spiritual Light, that entered through the Third Eye, illuminated the Pineal and flooded the inner spaces of Pituitary and Hypothalamus, and the sphere of the Crown appeared like a revolving iridescent pearl held in the centre of the thousand petalled lotus. As explained in a healing of this morning I had at last let go of all formats or rules and the receiver felt the difference.

I am convinced that this same new found ability to let go was instrumental in how I managed to accept the light in all its forms and understand, as one of our group mentioned, that not only is our common vision, that we will be blessed with Divine Wisdom, but that we are in fact the Divine Plan.
Bless you Sananda and Christopher.


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