The End of Times, The Beginning of Times.

Thank you Sue Dreamwalker for …
Apocalyptic Days of Progression (
As the Elder said when we have a link with spirit we become a speaker.
Imagine that the Source is a massive radio station broadcasting on many channels. With care and attention, discipline and love we can attune to one of those channels. There are favourite relay stations in between to which we may forge a semi-permanent link and remain connected with the opportunity to change the frequency as our path determines. As the loud speakers we can accept the task of being the final set to those not yet tuned in on their own.

So to the ‘End of Days’ Prophecies … there is something missing … from the ‘End of Old Days’ Prophecy. Which, as with all things is not a sudden end but the gradual change from old to new. And it is we who determine the Rate of the gradual change to the ‘Beginning of Times’.

No one would dispute that Humanity has messed up ! So it is up to us to clear up the mess and that is what the ‘Days of Rage’ are all about. The brave Souls, who put themselves in the firing line in so many countries under oppression, of one sort or another round the world, are the Way Showers the Scouts showing the way forward for humanity.

And Masters , Prophets and Elders round the world are saying, for some time now, that we have to change. All are commenting that we need to bring love into the equation of living. It is my own view that change like charity must begin in the chalice of your own corazon, your own heart.

I have said many times that the one ingredient that is missing from our societies is respect. And if we bring that home and try to apply it to the equation, we have to admit that we judge others all the time and we judge ourselves too often and far too harshly, we don’t love ourselves as we should.

Now many will say how conceited ! But no, what we are talking about here is the true value of yourself as an Eternal Child of God, a Multidimensional Master, and Creator of your own 3rd Dimensional Reality. As such should you not value, respect and love yourself ?

I agree with you Sue, that we need to look deep within and see who and what we really are, to be able to appreciate ourselves and truly respect the value that the ultimate assayer has placed upon us. We are more, much more than the finest gold, the purest gem or highly faceted and polished diamond, but sadly we place ourselves in an unworthy setting and only see ourselves within those fragile clasps.

But the beauty is that they are fragile and we can break out. The way we do this and the more of us who answer the call determines the Rate of that change to the ‘Beginning of Times’.

‘Authority’ also posted here under Ascension on 09.02.12, explains how the three of us need to sit down quietly and let Soul have its say. It’s at this point that we should really begin to appreciate our true value ! From that point on we as a Race will begin to change and be able to look forward to the ‘Beginning of Times’.


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One Response to The End of Times, The Beginning of Times.

  1. Thank you David, 🙂 and agreed here, we are all of us part of that change and change has to start from self. These are exciting times and as you say brave souls are at the forefront putting their lives on the line as their want of change is struggling to overcome the hand of darkness within their midst.
    Change is often resisted as we love to sink into that comfort blanket of familiarity .. But we are all of us responsible and all of us need to wake up and see the mess we have made of our experience.. And the answers are quite simple.. If we do not like the world as it is.. Change it.. But it begins from changing our own Inner worlds… We each need to address that neighbourly act, of giving, caring, sharing, and loving.. only then will Nation against nation come together .. We need to live from that point of love and live once again from our hearts… Many thanks David for mentioning my post.. We do indeed when embarked upon this spiritual path stay on the road and become Speakers for Spirit..
    Long may we call out our Rainbow Song to all Warriors of Love and Light to join in and bridge that gap of intolerance, greed, and control..
    Love and Light to you David.. ~Sue


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