LONG LIFE (Part Two)

I just wanted for a moment to look again at the Soul view.
Having set the best path for growth, what is that path ?
It is to do solely with the Soul and so we are ill equipped to understand with our waking consciousness what that best path should or could be for us.

It is a Long Life that most of us desire as we marvel at those, usually in far flung rural areas, that exceed the one hundred mark. I have just passed the Biblical three score years and ten and count myself blessed since my Father, who I never met, lived through cancer to forty six and Mum passed in my arms, again from cancer, back in 1986 at my age now. However those of mother’s siblings and ancestors lived well into their nineties. What chance for me ? Well, whatever !

But what of those like my sister who lived for just a week. She kissed the Earth and then returned. Our angelic friends have told us that Souls do not enter our consciousness until we are born. Before that, as they said, we are merely embryos. But from birth the witness begins the journey to see how well the path chosen by us, through our free will, fits the Soul desire for particular experience.

If we touch back to Atlantis for a moment certainly in the lives of the Sons of the Law of One there was the possibility to extend life to hundreds of years using the crystal Skulls that I was privileged to program for their benefit. So when it came to their desired departure through death, all would gather round with no hint of sadness giving greatest thanks for the life and experience of the loved one about to depart as he or she went to sleep.

But now there is still an almost arcane belief that our children are our possessions and so many parents try to determine what they will become in life, who they will marry and how they will manifest their sacred duty by looking after their siblings and parents. I wonder. Where is the joy in that ? If you elect it for yourself, even then, Sainthood comes with difficulty.

We tried to encourage our girls to try every game, every instrument, every club and certainly had no say in who they should date or marry. One became a ballet dance the other a musician and teacher and now both have children of their own. It was what they wanted, were gifted to achieve and I pray every day that they still remain happy, full of joy and at peace. Not without their problems along the way you understand. How else would the learn ? But I am sure their Souls are happy with their progress and I can feel a joyful singing inside of me too.


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