There are many methods taught for healing your own body. One of my favourites is the combining of heaven and earth energies.

Sitting as you would in meditation, you imagine that your spine extends a tail down to the centre of the earth and winds itself around a hook it finds there. Then imagine roots extending from the Chakras in your feet down into the earth. You will be working with the three Chakra levels of Crown, Solar and Feet.

Breath deeply to centre yourself, breathing in to a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 7 and then breath out for a count of 8. Repeat until you are steady and centred. (This health giving breathing pattern may be used at any time.)

On the next in-breath, see the light brown earth energy soaking into the roots, into your feet and rising up to the level of your Solar Plexus. Then see the white heaven energy entering your Crown Chakra and descending also to the Solar level. The two energies swirl together mixing the two powers and producing a golden healing balm that you can now direct to any part of you that gives concern.

Allow the golden balm to do its work and then send it carrying away any unwanted pain, discomfort or concern down the tail of your spine to the centre of the earth where it dissipates into the core. Repeat this process as many times as brings you comfort and inner peace. At least 3 times is good.

Finally, thank the Earth and Heaven for their gift of healing, withdraw the tail and the roots and breath yourself back to normal waking consciousness. If you believe that you were not alone in this process thank those who were there to help promote the feel good factor.

Abraham gives us a different slant:
While it is obvious that a good-feeling body makes for a more pleasant physical experience, we want you to understand that finding pleasant things to focus upon also makes for a good-feeling body. However, most humans are approaching the subject of their physical well-being in a backward manner.

Most people who are experiencing physical ailments let their physical condition dictate their mental attitude. In other words, their emotions are responsive to their physical condition. When they are in pain, they offer emotions of frustration, worry, anger, or fear. They want the condition to improve so that their emotional state can improve.

Any illness, or departure from physical well-being, begins at a cellular level-but the overwhelming propensity of your cells is that of thriving. All day, every day, your cells are reclaiming balance at such refined and subtle levels that most people are completely unaware of the power and intelligence of their cellular bodies.

Focusing upon good-feeling objects of attention is the most effective way of providing the optimum environment for allowing unhindered cellular communication and the ultimate thriving of your physical body.

We are what we believe, and if we allow fear to rule our lives we will become fearful. Look deeply into yourself and if necessary change your belief. If you are concerned look beyond your concern and believe yourself to be healthy. Maybe you just need a holiday, but never loose sight of you being in vibrant health. If you need a little help remember you can ask for distant healing at BMS International Healing Federation. (See links)


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