Is Anything Complete ?

I have always been at odds with those who speak about a perfect God, a perfect Universe, a perfect Soul or Self. When in truth I feel that if everything were perfect there would be no room for growth, and to me that’s what life is all about. Growth. Growth on every level and in every dimension. A complete and static Universe would be a dead Universe.

I believe that we, the Universe and God are all in a state of becoming, for as we progress through time and space we meet new conditions, new parameters in an ever changing cosmic dance, that gives us new steps to try every second of every day in our terms of linear time.

Many of those steps are simple and some are so intricate as to escape our notice, as we blink and miss an essential point, or indeed disallow acceptance of any new step, not seen before or not deemed acceptable, into our waking consciousness. My daughter is a teacher and choreographer of dance and the one thing she has taught me is to accept and enjoy the new steps as they come into our lives.

Abraham has his say like this:
You were “predetermined” to have a joyful, expansive experience, and the way in which you will do that is all up to you. All other choices are for your physical format. Everything is still in the process of being created. There is no creation that has reached its completion.

As Abraham says, ‘it is all up to you’, and you have the opportunity and the amazing creative gift to invent and expand your experience, to create your own steps and share your creations with the world and the Universe. Does anyone remember the old BBC Program, ‘This is Your Life’ with Eamon Andrews ? Well This Life is for you to create all the crazy steps you wish to share and enjoy !
Remember that God benefits from everything you take home as His dance repertoire is every expanding …


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  1. Yes, I remember This is your Life!.. and we have all been given Free Will of choice.. we take the high road or the low road,, but all roads lead us home eventually… some just take alot lot longer than others…
    I enjoyed this post David.. Hope you are well.. ~Sue


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