Vision of the New Light with Sananda 120212. The PROJECT 2.

The deepest Vision of the Heart suffered a sea change into something …
realising that the original Project was well in hand, and was of a mainly physical nature that needed to move through time, I have been guided to a New Project. This new direction that came to me over the last week was brought into crystal clarity by Sananda today. It is a radical change to an internal rather than an external project to connect consciously with Divine Mind. The way of working by accepting the Light of Blessings into the nodes of the Etheric Body works very well with this internal Vision of the Heart. It will demand a more disciplined approach to my spiritual practices which I look forward to. The Soul leading to the Akasha was a beautiful experience. The past was bookshelves filled with volumes and scrolls, but the future was a system of open tables with no shelves, just platforms of bright light ready to accept the necessary energetic format and my Hearts Vision was allowed to be placed on one of the platforms.
This is amazing work and I thank you Christopher and Sananda.


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