I don’t know about you but the more I learn the less I know, and I am never happier than when I am passing on my own truth for the benefit of others. I have had the privilege to teach on a wide range of subjects that come under the general heading of Ancient Mysteries for many years, in small groups and often just one to one.

I went to school and college, like many of us, but not in those subjects, they were a parallel path to the the one that earned me a living. I loved my teachers, weird though they were in my Prep School, could not stand the supercilious beaks in the Grammar System and the College Professors seemed to be on a perpendicular planet soaring into space.

So was it any wonder that our Angelic Friends said I had a little problem with authority ? Fine as a teacher but poor as a student, story of my life, maybe that’s why the report always came back, ‘could do better’ ! My long suffering Ma helped me with my maths homework and always finished with, ‘never mind dear, just do your best’.

Down to the nitty-gritty: it was at Gymnastics, Art and Physics that I excelled. Now I know what your thinking, but I became first an Electrical Engineer, then a Chef, followed by a Catering Consultant and Training Manager – See the connection ?
Oh the painting was just a hobby when on holiday !

So much of what drives us is not the passive Soul destiny but the active collaboration between the Body and the Spirit with the Ego directing both. Now as you see my ego had a will of its own and as with many other lifetimes I tried to get the most experience out of every opportunity.

I guess all any of us want is a quiet life doing what we do, when and where we want to do it.

This came from Abraham today:
Just like the wild beasts, you want your own autonomy. You want freedom.
You want freedom from negative emotion. You want freedom from somebody
telling you what to do. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not –
what all of you want is a sense of Well-being.

Yes, I guess we could all do with some Well-being, some more than others. And for all the significant woes of my youth my heart goes out to those who don’t even know what they want, or how they can move out from under the yoke of oppression or tyranny and do their own thing, like we so take for granted.

But then our beloved Angel advised:
If you feel that your life is not going the right way you should sit down quietly and the three of you should talk. Your body, Spirit and Soul can share where you are, and the Soul in that state can say what is needed for the Spirit to follow the true path.
This can only be done when you decided to bring all the parties together.
Up to you then eh ?


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