Getting Your Hands Dirty

I am a Taurus and love to work in my garden preferring to hand weed and save seeds and seedlings as they appear, so getting my hands dirty is something of a second nature. I like to connect with the Earth and at the same time reach for the stars.

Having explained that the higher you go the colder and less emotional the connections seem to be, especially with such Ascended Masters as St. Germain, I received this from the man/spirit himself through Dawn Katar today: 

There is Peace to be found when you touch what is all around you with curiosity and delight. Maybe I am new fashioned, but I really enjoy watching humans play with their hands in the Earth. There are few creations on this planet that have fear of having dirt on them. Please, go to the beach and build a sand castle. Go to your back yard and dig a hole just to make a mud pie. Go to the forest and dig for mushrooms with your hands. Touch things in order to know how distinctly wonderful they are. I give you permission to get your hands as dirty as possible and then wash them before dinner.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

 This is just to prove that there is a complete understanding of our lives and that our ascended friends have a ‘human’ side to their natures, so let me side with St Germain and say, ‘go on get your hands dirty’ !

 Speaking of sand castles, with the recent cold front in Europe our friend Owen was making a snowman on the beach in Majorca last week ! Ain’t this life amazing ?

What was it Jesus is supposed to have said, ‘suffer the little children to come unto me’ ? Perhaps we need to learn how to play again, after all this Planet is the greatest classroom and the most wonderful playground in the known Universe so lets make the most of it.


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One Response to Getting Your Hands Dirty

  1. Really enjoyed reading this….so thoughtful and enlightening….thank you


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