With all the talk of being at Peace and living in Love, very little explains how that can be achieved in today’s turbulent times. I have to return to the wisdom of the Lord Buddha who advised all of his disciples to be in the same state of bliss throughout all Joy and all Adversity. Easier said than done you may say !

This kind of advice is only able to be put into practice with understanding of how life works, which as I have found is a life long labour of love and learning. After all this is the classroom of Earth, but sadly the man made classes have all the wrong subjects on their curricula. So it is up to us to find the right questions to ask.

So are you willing to learn ? Are you willing to give up ? Are you willing to make sacrifices ? Because that is what is entailed if you are going to achieve that state of inner Peace. But what is more important is to be able to enjoy the Peace that others have, that may be different to the Peace that you expect, without judgement.

One of our most powerful Masters, who has made no bones about strict adherence to the Law for generations, is Ascended Master Saint Germain who I shared a life with in the mid 5th Century, when he became a Saint of a different name. In this life he has spoken to me in his unmistakeably strict not to say cold tones, when I needed guidance of a difficult kind.

Here he speaks to us all through Dawn Katar:
Beloved, sometimes there are events that occur in your world that you fail to find Love, Peace and Light within. We wish that you never dwell in the emotional and mental whirl of judgement, being swallowed in a vortex for that which is not yours to understand. Each soul has purpose and timing that are for them alone. Therefore, let Peace be yours as you surrender the drama and allow that the Plan is unfolding for all. Be at Peace knowing that God is in charge, not you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

 There is no doubt that we are what we believe. Believe then the words of Saint Germain when he says that God is in charge. If you can say each day, in true gratitude, ‘Thy will be done Lord’, you are a worthy student in the sacred schoolroom  of Earth, and will have taken the first step to finding Peace within, the prerequisite to Peace without.


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  1. Staying in that Gratitude and Love Vibration and trusting that our lives are guided, only by finding that inner peace will we help create that peace within our world.. Love and Peace~Sue


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