It was foretold back in 2000 that the <United Kingdom> would become Great again, as it was once more commonly known ‘Great Britain’, but not in the sense of Empire, and sadly not yet, for there are still the energies of conflict that mask the <UK>’s true intent, image and identity.

Certainly, recent events have proved that the Days of Rage have still to work their way through the consciousness of the young, both in the <UK> and in so many countries of our turbulent and changing world, for anything or anywhere to match the Universal definition of Great.

Nevertheless it is to the same young, seeking a different world, that we look to a brighter future. The future, as the French have put it: of ‘Egalité, Fraternité et Liberté. (equality, brotherhood and freedom) 

The enlightened youth, rich and poor alike, have been working and striving to reach for what at first seems impossible, but slowly by their own effort, comes within their reach in the personal, political and the physical spheres.

It is this common purpose for all, no matter what language, colour or creed, that puts the young on the same path to greatness, and it is this common endeavour that will change the face of London and then the rest of the <UK>, and as we have seen the rest of the world.

 Sai Baba puts it like this:
Although the food and habits may be different among nations, the spirit of harmony and unity displayed in sports is a gratifying example to all. It is a distinctive quality of sports that differences are forgotten and persons engage themselves in games in a divine spirit of friendliness and camaraderie. 

Sports help the players not only to improve their health but also to experience joy. However, one should not be content with realising these benefits alone. Mankind has another body besides the physical. It is the subtle body, otherwise known as the mind.

It is equally essential to promote purity of the mind and develop large heartedness. True humanness blossoms only when the body, the mind and the spirit are developed harmoniously. The enthusiasm and effort which you display in sports should also be manifested in the spheres of morality and spirituality.
– Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 1990.

It is through this manifestation of morality and spirituality, through the Body, Mind andSpirit, that the energies of competitive camaraderie in the Olympic Park and its Satellites, of London and gradually the rest of the <UK> that the transformation will begin.

It is essential that this movement of minds is picked up and taken to hearts and minds of all the inhabitants of the <UK>, whether through central or local government, to bring the renewed and revived energies of cooperation and combative camaraderie into the forefront of the mind.

As recent worldwide events have shown this transformation will start at the personal level and spread from neighbour to neighbour through the local community, via  social media, throughout the Counties and regardless of boundaries, back to the centre of government to the heart and mind of Parliament, which will set the example, as democracy has shown in the past, for the rest of the world to follow.

It will not be easy as it demands the acceptance of personal responsibility, respect for the choice and the pathway of sisters and brothers, neighbours and friends and also of so called enemies, but above all the  rejection of violence or aggression as the answer to any difference of opinion or choice. In the tolerant multicultural society of the <UK> we have the best chance of success.

But if the youth is to achieve its true greatness it needs a helping hand. There was never a truer saying than, ‘the devil makes work for idle hands‘. They need to be given something productive to do. They need work !
Are you listening Mr Prime Minister ?

Never mind austerity:                THE WORLD NEEDS WORK !

If the <UK> is to emerge through the mixture of difference and indifference to its rightful place as the Spiritual Centre, the Heart Centre of the world, the purpose of each individual must be allowed to flourish for the graduation of their own growth and for the <Kingdom> to become truly <Great>, <United> and to be witnessed, appreciated and lived.                     

                                      EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO REACH FOR GOLD !


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  1. Yes I agree Here David.. Our Young have been forgotten in many respects.. We need to put back a feeling of respect and pride … traits that seem sadly missing in many today… We all of us are to blame..
    Wishing you Good Rest of the week.. ~Sue


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