The Image of God

I dreamt I was the youngest of the Elders enjoying my elevated position … in all humility of course. I stepped down from my lofty perch to minister to the poor, the sick and the needy, only to find on my return that in my absence my place had been usurped by another, although older, whom I perceived as being unworthy. I realised immediately that I was guilty of exercising judgement, a lesson I thought I had learnt in a previous and pious position on earth. So I was the one who was unworthy.  

Then in waking consciousness, LEADING ME TO:
You may be of little or no standing in the halls of men, but know that you are the unique offspring of the master architect, the origin of all consciousness, thought and knowledge, the beginning of all there is and the essence of unconditional love, but to whom you could ascribe all superlatives and synonyms in your lexicon, thesaurus or dictionary and still not be able adequately to describe the indescribable, or envision in its true magnificence or form that which has no form.

These words, then, are inadequate, but when it was said that we, the race of unique individuals, were all created by Him in His image, it appears from the mist of consciousness that that image is of no form and therefore cannot be seen or conceived, with our limited level of mind or understanding. It certainly removes any concept of an anthropomorphic deity, a bearded old man sitting on a throne, but an image still exists although invisible to our naked perception.

Fire of one sort or another is often the source of energy, vibration and frequency, and this simple analogy conveys exactly the relationship between, in the macro the indestructible central fire, or source of everything to all of its creations, and in the micro the invisible spark, of that same fire, that motivates and is our reason for being, our Soul which resides throughout and invisibly within us.

The difference of course is that the Fire of the Divine Origin is an active energetic source, whereas the Soul is a purely passive spectator and witness to all that the Spirit and Body perform, according to its initial programmed need to experience, in any one lifetime.

This is the prime example of the duality of existence on this plane. On the one hand the active Body Mind Spirit relationship and on the other the passive witness of the Soul. The programmed need on the one hand implies the necessity of surrender to the will of God, and yet in order to live life to the full we need actively to participate through a strong Spirit Mind Body relationship.

This is the divide between doing and dissolving or surrendering to God. It is the pivot point of balance that we need constantly to manage and master between action and submission. It is no secret that we need to be permanently on the alert to watch as the Soul witnesses our every thought word and deed. 

What we say, we can watch by mindfully setting out our words before we open our mouths. Actions we can master with practice and with determined perseverance towards the pursuance of peace in all aspects of our personality. However it is the mind that is the most difficult to master. Without careful preparation and practice monkey chatter makes a mockery of being mindful of all that matters.
Thought is the precursor of all.

We make with our hands, we create with our thoughts. It is the necessary nexus of the synapses of singular and careful consideration that comes before all words, all speech, all action. Animals do not enjoy the Image as they partake of a group consciousness. Only by association with a human through love do they come close. 

When Homo Erectus first trod the boards of earth he was an instinctive being and only when the brain had reached a certain size could he or she accept full consciousness and imagination.

Consciousness was then brought to us by the gradual introduction of the Soul as the image of God. In its reflection of the Source it is the creator within that comes before all else. Only when man became capable of receiving consciousness did the Soul   enter with its Image of Creation, the Image of God.

Yours is the task and responsibility to balance the Image of God within and surrender to the ultimate source, with the practical aspect of life in this dimension.


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