Walking in the World

Following the PROJECT Vision of the New Light posted on 22.01.12 …
in the discussion time,  one of our group explained that, not having been able to walk for many years, her Project was to be able to Walk in the World.

 The Project was individual and could be anything large or seeming small. From other comments, that rang a bell with me, it seemed there was a common feeling of movement or need of movement expressed.

 This powerful meditation of enabling from Sananda via Chris Sell of www.heaven-on-earth.com brought into our consciousness the utilisation of the New Light in this amazing enabling aspect to help us all to follow our purpose and facilitate the moves necessary for its achievement.

 I felt that I could not Walk in the World as I would wish in my present circumstances as I was unable to communicate with those around me, not speaking the language. I feel that the projected move back to the UK is where my real purpose lies. Another of the group pointed out that I was of service right now and although true that did not detract from my Project or my feeling of being held back by the economic circumstances of the world in general.

 There are many communities of various persuasions who believe that Walking in the World over long distances to sacred or supposed places of power where gods reside will enable them to gain remission of their sins and banish evil from their villages.

 In olden times we would beat the bounds by walking the boundaries of our boroughs and villages to reinforce the spiritual rampart within which we would remain safe from evil and our enemies too who would otherwise take our town and enslave us.

 The Nazca people of Peru would walk the Lines over great distances that led to the domain of their gods, who created the Lines in the first place, whom they believed would, by this dedication, return and help them. Sadly their ‘gods’ ceased to exist before they were born so this faith like so many born of superstition was misplaced.

 Often Pilgrims walk or climb, often on their knees and causing themselves great and lasting harm, to places in the heights of mountains believing that sacred places in such places of elevation must be closer to the sky and hence to the power of the divine. Which by the way I do not believe would want to cause such harm or demand such pilgrimage except its human representatives on earth.

 Similar ideas were used by the priests of civilisations who built high temples and royal residences with hundreds of steps to climb before an audience with power was possible. It reminds me of the Forbidden City in China, the Maya temples in Mexico and even Lamas sat atop small flights of wooden stairs in order to be above the faithful. An audience with the Dalai Lama before China invaded Tibet was a feat of endurance just to get to that level, climbing the mountain to Lhasa followed by many flights of steps and ladders.

 As a race we have built many castles in the sky and peopled them with those whom we have given power over us in all senses. Some kings, some priests and prophets and some who claim all and total power over us. When we Walk in the World it makes you wonder if we are really free.

 However in this enlightened age, at least for some, we know that there are many of great devotion, wisdom and love who have gained at least the first steps to enlightenment, accepted and fated by a loyal fellowship, but refuted by many in the developed world.

 If I had the chance to promote an additional Project I would work towards the point where the whole of humanity could believe that the glorious kingdom that we all seek is actually here and now on earth with us. Heaven on Earth.

 So much has been built on the superstition of the masses to the obvious advantage of the ruling elite whether in a cult, commerce or communism, that in many places on our planet it is dangerous to walk alone and only when the whole of the human race has learnt the lesson of peace will we be able to Walk in the World in peace and harmony with all. In order to have peace we must be peace and only then will we be able to enjoy a peaceful planet where we can all enjoy Walking in the World.


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One Response to Walking in the World

  1. All we can do, is Walk our path.. illuminating others as we go, as well as lighting up our own journey.. a wonderful read David.. thank you ..


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