Vision of the New Light with Sananda 120122. The PROJECT.

The Project, ‘to be of greater service to others’, has been in mind for the past two years, but has been hampered by the state of the world recession.
However, the next step in the Project was mooted only yesterday when we were discussing our next move to promote it. The aspect of receiving the light into the etheric body via the nodes was a powerful experience and thence to invite the manifestation into the physical in my case ‘inner peace’ was an essential ingredient for being able to negotiate those steps of the Project that will involve the physical move from one country to another.
The Divine presence took on a slightly different appearance being a cloud of glowing and sparkling energy held by a circle of Angelic beings from the Soul of Sirius into which I was allowed to be, in perfect harmony and peace.
My vision of the group which up until now has been in a ring expanded into an infinite vortex, like an ascending DNA spiral of glowing light as we connected with other light beings around the world and then the Universe.
Bless you Chris and Sananda.


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  1. Ripples forever expand outwards.. Keep creating your vision and expanding its Light David.. Blessings to you


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