T'was in the merry month he took the brew
Had sight of his reflection in the pool
Caught his breath, wiped a tear, felt the chill wind
The spring air fresh and young as he.
Grabbed handfuls of the pool, to cleanse, he knew
This day to wed, no more a lovesick fool
Destiny called, no question he had sinned
But who had not, en route a king to be.

Though young and strong his heart was torn in two
His wish for other than peers would demand
In reluctance made a treaty of peace
With those who could wage war and subjugate.
Agreed to marry their young princess who
Equally unsure of such a command
Nonetheless, both were party, no release
From this foul pact, though unfair, was their fate.

To cement the bond was their only choice
This fateful day was set like gems in gold
Prepared like sacrifice he spent his days
In cells of silence, meditation, prayer.
But for praying to God he had no voice
Days regimented by the bell of old
The brothers cold as monastery maze
Chaste and shriven within he must prepare.

Betrothed but not beloved, lords wished an heir.
He knew by now she was bedecked all fine
And donned the robes of custom, hating all,
Led by lions followed by his young page
Turned not his head though real love lay elsewhere.
They came together at the sound of ayre 
Familiar to all men at wedding time
Bowed, vowed in turn to purple bishop's call
Feeling curse of duty, kiss of marriage.

In silence that night he performed the rite
His mind reliving rituals otherwise.
Duties of state with new laws and outlaws
Like puppets both, strings were pulled by others.
He prayed and prayed more fervently each night
For successful succession in their eyes
A boy would please both subjects and in-laws
Meantime, chaste he lived life, like the brothers.

Nine months of sober solitude he aged.
Rings hung and spun but sex only surmised 
'til in time, her duty done, gave a son.
Free at last, but for daily audience.
Called the page to loose his lace, fervour raged
To mend old ties, but only felt despised.
Too late to mend the broken hearts once one
Found himself alone again, insouciance. 

About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to THE MARRIAGE

  1. Thomas Davis says:

    In my life marriage has been a deep joy. In this marriage duty is the taskmaster that creates burdens rather than joys. A soulless marriage that leads to the birth of a royal son. This is a good narrative poem, and, as you may know, David, I love narrative poems.


  2. Eric Alagan says:

    Dear David,
    I subscribed to your blog weeks and weeks ago but for the life of me, I don’t know how/why – but received the confirmation only last night. I thought a quick note is in order so that you don’t take it wrong (I know you will not but anyway, thought I better notify you).
    Luv & Peace, Eric
    P/s I received a whole bunch of notifications last night…don’t know what transpired…


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