¡ “He puts the fear of God in me,” is an expression I always found alarming !
Alarming because I could not reconcile it with my love of God and the knowledge of His profound and constant love for me, that is manifest in so many ways. 

The several instances where I have found my self up to the neck in manure and He has lifted my out of it, through giving me the courage to take action that I would otherwise never have done on my own. To finally give me the wisdom to look beyond my humility and accept the many gifts including healing. 

To allow the voices of the angels to speak through me and through others to guide me in all that I try to do to follow my true purpose here in this life.
So why should I fear my God ?

He is not the vengeful god, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord …” in Romans 12:19. 

My God is also your God if you choose to recognise Him, no matter whatever you choose or not to call Him. All Loving, and like in a doctor’s Hippocratic Oath, He wishes no harm and will cause no harm to any of His Children no matter of what colour, or on which path they choose to tread towards Him.

Any war waged in His name, any fatwa proclaimed and/or followed, any harm caused to yourself or to any other is not holy, is not sacred but is an insult to Him.

Any harm by man to man can be traced back only to the mind of a man, for there is no divine intent to cause harm of any kind, be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. 

There is no reward or place reserved in heaven for harming or killing in the name of God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed or any saint or prophet. 

On mentioning our concern and abhorrence at the killing of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria, in recent days, we were told that in the far off days of the Crusades the Christians tried to rid the earth of Muslims, and now it is the turn of the Christians to feel the wrath of the Muslim fanatics.

When the day, the hour, the moment would come when I must stand before God and account for my actions, words and thoughts, I wonder would I be fearful ?

I remember the day when I came close to our Queen and I was tongue tied. Not that I feared her but my heart said otherwise, beating a royal tattoo in my chest. 

I wonder how I would feel before my God falling forward on my face no doubt, prostrate before that all consuming love, that I would willingly wait my turn to become one with All There Is, the One, the only One, my  God.


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