Misty morning
clouded more
farmers burning
prunings galore.
Magic mountains
veiled valleys
persistent plantains
budded trees.
Fresh on the face
a blessed breeze
this perfect place
brings me such ease.
Pondering potential
from surging deep
winter’s denial
of all but sleep.
Spring hides herself
she cannot be stopped
prepared by myself
all ready, all cropped.
Soft mirrored pond
ripples as frogs drop
one by one abscond
the bank they plop.
Birds roost in one tree
soar aloft at my approach
black and white so pretty
marked ground, no reproach.
Nature my muse I love
constant ever changing
winter wonders from above
I am the changeling.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to WINTER WONDERS

  1. Thomas Davis says:

    Ahhh, a changeling! I love winter, but I’m ready for spring too. Today is blustery with waves of storm in New Mexico, sleet, the snow filling the sky and covering the ground, every once in awhile, an opening of blue sky. We have few fields, but some orchards and even a winery less than an hour away, but right now not even the Pueblo farmers are in their fields. This poem, though, wakes in me thoughts of the coming spring. Thank you.


  2. beautiful poem David lovely words really enjoyed it.


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