The Game of Life

In the Game of Life this time round I have been blessed from an early age with the appreciation of energies beyond the physical which in my innocence I determined were OK since I believed all things are possible with God !

Being a visual sort of guy I am blessed with sights and sometimes sounds of things ethereal. Being able to see what ails a fellow being and, being able to bring relief to boot is a gift for which I never cease to give grateful thanks.

It has also been my joy to listen to the words of wisdom that those through their heavenly vehicle have brought down to me from time to time, and moreso now than at any time in the past.

The vehicle in this latest instance is of no surprise to those who know me, for my heavenly partner is the messenger, used by those who minister to us, bringing advice, help and healing, regularly or more frequently should we need it.

Our highest form of inspiration is from the Divine, the Source of All There Is, but we know that those who speak to us have no need of Karma and speak only the words of the Universal Being.

Sai Baba puts it this way:
Does the airplane stay on above, denouncing the earth below? Those who have earned the right to travel in it cannot fly towards it! Therefore, to take them in, it has to come down at the places where they gather by previous arrangement, and then soar into the sky with them.

So too, the spiritually evolved (Jnanis) who have no desire or urge to do Karma, come down and help those who would not make progress otherwise. The right way to perform action is to identify every aspect of the universe with the Universal Being and dedicate all acts unto Him.

Always remember that one who is bound by the Deha-atma buddhi (the false idea that he is just this body and nothing more) can never win the game of life; one must acquire the Brahma-Atma-Buddhi (the awareness that he is Divine) to be sure of victory.- Geetha Vahini, Ch 6.

To believe that you are beyond such help or inspiration is to deny your divine self and is an insult to the Divine. The times when I receive direct help are in those precious moments of calm, while the house is quiet, on going to sleep or on waking before the mind or the rest of the house awakes, or in my own quiet times.
It helps to focus and to keep a pad and pen handy. Perhaps not for you, but with my memory it’s a necessity !


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Yes David you are right and I know what you are talking about. Those moments of peaceful quietness are essential to us. Being able to gather your spirit and investigate the experiences the previous day has brought us, is very important.
    Often when truth is received, we do not always, at that very moment, understand what it really entails. That is why it is so essential to review our thoughts and decide what we should keep and what we can dismiss.
    Yes, David, you are blessed with many gifts. We too are grateful for that.

    Angel Messenger.


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