There still seems to be much weeping and wailing at the passing of a known one, though moreso in the East I believe, as witnessed recently by the immense show of pseudo grief by the populace of North Korea at the passing of their leader Kim Jon Il.

In the West we now are, in general, holding ceremonies of thanksgiving for the life of the one that has passed on, but still wearing the black as a sign of respect for the loss, moreso for those left behind I think than the one 6 feet under.

I had been estranged from my mother for a couple of years and although we had made up I surprised myself by crying like a baby as she died in my arms. During the following week I cleared her cottage and sat one day in the quiet of her sunny bedroom overlooking the village church.

As far as I can remember her bedroom door had never been closed but as I left the room I caught sight of her dressing gown, I had forgotten, hanging behind the door. Stinging tears rolled down my cheeks as I gently folded and placed it in the charity bag. At the funeral itself I was in a daze not even recognising friends who had come to pay their respects. I was 46 at the time.

Now 71 my appreciation of death and passing has gone through a metamorphosis into something rich and strange, according to some, but the following I received this morning from Abraham Hicks Publications brought a smile.

Because we know that life is eternal, and we know that there is no ending to that which you are about, if one of you is killed in an earthquake or crashes your plane, or any number of other very creative ways you have found to make your exit into the Non-Physical, because we know the whole picture, we grieve not a moment for any of you. But from your more short sighted point of view in physical, a lot of you grieve tremendously.

I love the phrase … ‘any number of other very creative ways you have found to make your exit into the Non-Physical’

Which way will you choose?
With love, Hanukah


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One Response to ETERNITY & GRIEF

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Yes, dear Hanukah, you and Abraham are right, we often choose very creative ways to enter the non-physical. Although I must confess that , if we could, maybe we would all choose to fall asleep in a very comfortable bed … exhausted only by the number of years of our presence on this planet.
    But, mostly, it is not a choice we can make and therefore we should accept that each of us goes the way (not only the easy way) to say goodbye to Mother Earth.

    I do think that we grief about a feeling of loneliness … we feel abandoned by he/she who has left us ..lonely. We miss their presence, we miss their voice, we miss “loving” them… but as you may have notice .. I used “we”, for the ones who leave do not grief .. they have come to the end of their passage on Earth. Of course, what their own judgement will be of what their life has brought them is another matter and it is not to us to prejudge or make any statement.

    At the end of every incarnation the soul reviews its deeds and only IT will know where it has done well or where it has gone wrong. We should never throw the first stone to others lest we condemn ourselves.

    May peace and light always guide us through the various tribulations Life is all about.
    May HE/SHE who loves us, bless us and help us

    Angel Messenger.


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