To FAST or not too FAST ?

Amongst all your New Year’s Resolutions … Slow down for a start !
FASTING involves more than just limiting the intake of food and drink, and should be undertaken only in conscious receptivity, in order that no damage could occur to the body or mind.

True FASTING is the denial of all outside influences, wants or desires, only allowing basic needs. Just one influence is appropriate and that is the close association with the energies of nature.

Therefore, those energies that involve any adverse influence to the mind such as shopping, driving, watching television or listening to the radio, answering the telephone, cooking or cleaning, working or playing games, etc., should be avoided. The only desire is to bring the body and mind to a state of balance and inner peace.

Like meditation, it is not for all and should be approached gently and with care in small stages. Little step, little step is the way forward to achieve balance and peace within. Do not fast for more than one day in a week.

In the beginning, having excluded all outside interference, the normal 3 meals could be replaced with a thin soup and only water drunk in between and plenty of it, since part of the  process is to eliminate toxins from the body. Do this for a number of weeks until your body is comfortable with the regime on that same day. The cells of the body will then be preprogrammed to expect the cleansing process.

Make no mistake, every cell within you has a consciousness and wants to work with you to restore a state of vibrant health. Only you make it otherwise. Your cells will reach a point of acceptance and expectation of the purification process, and only you will sense when this is.

It will then be time to reduce your physical intake further to either fresh fruit juice, prepared the previous day, or just water. If meditation is for you then it is recommended that the normal meal times be substituted with a time of looking within and communicating with your body. Listen to your body in gratitude.

If not then a walk in close contact with nature is a good alternative, that many see as their own brand of meditation. In any case that walk is recommended at least once during your cleansing day in gratitude to the earth and to yourself.

FASTING is not a game to be played on a whim and then cast away.
This is serious business and not for the faint hearted.
Be well in vibrant health.


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One Response to To FAST or not too FAST ?

  1. I would have to agree with you.. I have never fasted, so I take your word for your excellent advice .. But I know some who have tried..
    I prefer to detox by ingesting fruits and nuts for a few days, Drinking plenty of natural water.. not tap water..
    Then we have to get rid of all that clutter we carry around inside our heads .. Fresh air out in Nature as you say are wonderful detoxing ways of refreshing ourselves..
    Wishing You A wonderful Happy New Year where you are.. Sue


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