Christmas Present for Croppies.
Serious stuff this!
You may remember the last message stated that Crop circles would cease to be! Their intent had been to bring us messages of the moment, but since we were unable to interpret them, it became like a pretty picture to admire or to make fun of, especially by the likes of Doug and Dave, instead of the important messages they actually were.
Back in August we were told they would cease to be!
Having queried the last rather stark message, that probably wakened a few of us to their true importance, the reply came like this:

When it was said the Crop Circles would stop, what was meant was that we would not do them in the same way. We will try to make them clear to your kind and make them more understandable in a more rapid and more simple way …

So to those of you intimately involved in ‘Crop Circle Following’ we issue a plea:
Please try to decipher the patterns that are sent to us, as they happen, they are important messages of the moment from those who wish to communicate with us and alert us to their presence. In the time before the next season of Crops you can practice the art of cypher busting and also delayed gratification!

The message continued:
… and now if we find out that humans cannot understand it and look upon it as nice drawings (again) we will stop altogether.

So it’s up to you. Our forbears were able to decipher the ‘Enigma Code’ so you have time to practice the skill, after all the designers intend to make it easier for you !
Good luck and have a Happy Christmas.


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  1. Yes there are many messages in the crops circles.. and some who have been able to read them know they are messages for us … An interesting Post David.. Thank you


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