It was always impressed on me that if a passing thought on whether I was in meditation or not should cross the mind then I was not in meditation. Eyes and ears and other senses are of no use and can be an unwanted distraction, except perhaps in initial preparation. As I have said, “Familiarity brings contentment.”
To reach the point of mergence within was the goal, if there was a goal at all, but not to dwell on the achievement. To concentrate on one image, one living image and to reach the level where the image in all its beauty and living, breathing perfection exists of itself within and so merge with the Divine.
Sai Baba via Heart2Heart … puts it this way:
Always have the meaning and purpose of life in view. Experience that purpose and meaning. You and the Absolute Eternal Divine are One. You are not the individual, the temporary and the particular. Always act in conformity with this. Persist in your meditation until the awareness that you are performing meditation or a spiritual practice disappears. Forget the ego, let it melt and merge with all its layers of consciousness. There are some, who while meditating, strike at the mosquitoes that pester them! No, you must immerse yourself in meditation until you transcend all the physical and mental urges and impulses. Valmeeki, the author of Ramayana, was covered by the anthill that grew over him. People discovered his existence by the chants of the name “Rama” that emanated from the mound. Ignore the body (Deha) so that you may discover its Indweller (Dehi). Do not get engrossed in outer finery; instead delve deep and discover the inner splendour.- Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol V, Jan 29, 1965.
Meditation is not for all. If you find yourself distracted then it is possible that you are one of the special ones who need no Guru, Ashram or Silent Space but find that point of mergence within your daily activity, play or exercise.
Go well. In love and Faith David.


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5 Responses to MEDITATION

  1. ME being the WHOLE… 🙂 not the selfish Me..


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Dearest David, often have I told you that “for me” there is no adequate moment for meditation. My whole day is based on meditation. It is true that I never followed the various techniques that the “Masters” have taught us. The only variations I feel is when Spirit gets closer and warms up my mind AND my body.
    Luckily for me I have always been very reluctant to adopt what my spirit did not really enjoy. Meditation MUST be an encounter with HIM who is the essence of everything. Be in the World but don’t be of the World if that prevents you from meditating.
    Love and Light are sent your way.
    Angel Messenger


  3. I put my attention back into the breath.. Clearning the mind is near impossible.. But I pratice Tao Breathing which helps focus..


    • eugene1941 says:

      Dear Sue, thank you for reading my blog and for letting me read your wise replies to David’s Posts.
      May I ask you why, all of a sudden, you have to pay attention to your breath when you plan to meditate? Why do you think it is necessary to clear your mind to be able to meditate ? Maybe I do not understand what meditation really is, and then my comments are ridiculous, but what IF my way of meditating is the right way ?
      Love and Light I send you all the way from sunny Spain.

      Angel Messenger


      • I pay attention to the breath my friend when the thoughts cloud the mind.. Many things in ‘life’ get in the way.. And although I often just ‘Drift’ sometimes I need to refocus.. So I bring my attention Back within my self.. to centre ME to ME once again my friend Many thanks for taking the time to reply Love and Blessings returned 10fold


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