My dearest Dear,
This letter of love and light
is brought to you on the wings
of a snow white dove.
This is the time for you to know,
to understand, who you really are.
The time is right for me to tell you 
that you have a most important gift.
It is the gift of empathy and compassion.
You have the ability to see the world
through other people's eyes.
You can understand the fears 
and feelings of any other being
whether it be animal, bird or human.
Do not let this gift go to waste,
use your gift for the benefit of others
and as it is used it will grow in strength 
and become a second nature to the breath.
With this power comes the gift of healing.
The slightest touch, the recording and saying
of a name and place makes the link.
You are the bridge, the link 
to all there was and is and will be.
As you use your gift you become 
the vehicle that will light the world.
Whichever path you tread 
you will bring light and love 
with every step and every breath you take.
Go well, in love and faith I am.

About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to 3rd LETTER TO ELIZABETH

  1. Amen to what Eugene has said.. Blessings for your continued working with the light of love..


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Dear David, I wish my name were Elizabeth and that I had her gift for that gift of empathy with the world around is rare and so valuable.
    May Elizabeth read your poem and understand that she has to go on for the benefit of ALL.

    Love and Light.
    Angel Messenger


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