My dearest Dear,
Yes, as promised I am here with you again
I see the light begin to shine
in your beautiful eyes once more.
Be not subject to the wind and storm 
of human foible and emotion.
As has been said, be in the world
but not of the world,
and in so doing please help me
by being my eyes and my ears,
my witness to all that occurs.
For you now know where to look
where others know not.
Dear one, please understand
that even if you do not 
receive another letter
I am here with you always.
You see, this world needs you,
needs your unique gifts and talents
more than you can imagine.
So I ask you to share what 
you have been given
with all your sisters and brothers
and at days end share all with me
and bring to me all who need help.
Remember dear one that 
the most beautiful gift to humanity
is you.
Yours for ever in love and faith I am.

About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to 2nd LETTER TO ELIZABETH

  1. eugene1941 says:

    What a beautiful ode to Elizabeth … I am sure she will price it to the very highest…
    Well done, David…. a poem to be kept in the secret of our hearts

    Angel Messenger


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