We didn’t know where to put this but decided on Illumination as it brought light to an experience …
In most lawsuits, most people just use each other as their excuse to disconnect from the Stream. And then they just suffer until the one who is the least disconnected wins the lawsuit. But it is still an exercise in disconnecting from Source Energy that we think is never worth the price of the reward, no matter how great the reward of a lawsuit is.
– – – Abraham via Abraham-Hicks Publications.

We learnt this lesson the hard way.
Our first venture into buying a piece of land/property, to build our own house in Spain, started with us finding a company that could build fast to an Alaskan specification with mega insulation against both heat and cold. Not only that but the company we traced found us a piece of land in the middle of an orange grove. It sounded idyllic.
I drew up the plans with sufficient room for our dream spiritual retreat with rooms for guests and a meditation space in the roof facing a pyramid mountain. The deposit was paid and we came back to England in high hopes for the manifestation of our dream. Making further enquiries with authorities, with difficulty, we found out that we were not allowed to build on that land as it was designated agricultural. We asked for our deposit money back. No deal, as no one knew where the money had gone!
We had been the victims of a fraud perpetrated by a ring of estate agents who had also bought the land themselves and then sold it to us at an inflated price. It gets better! We decided to sue as we wanted to prevent the same thing happening to other hapless expats. With positive indications from an ex-judge and messages in our favour we were on a winner!
That’s when the real troubles started. Our first lawyer turned out to be either stupid, or as crooked as the agents, as we lost the case which should have been a simple decision in our favour. Turns out she sued the wrong person! Much against our wishes but she was the expert!
We now realise that an expert is nothing more than a drip under pressure!
Our second lawyer, screamed at by the first, advised us to sue. That put the land fraud case on hold. To cut a long story short it took so long for the Spanish legal system to sue ‘one of its own’ that we were out of time to pursue the fraud case. We won against the second lawyer, but that’s now in appeal and we are eight (yes 8) years down the road with still no resolution and severely out of pocket.
Advice: Don’t go there! Don’t even think about it! Cut your loses and run!


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