View any star, our sun or your own fire and the sparks are plain to see. In high speed photography, away from the man made drawback of time, some sparks fly away into the surroundings and burn out, some fall back quickly, drawn towards the magnetic warmth and are consumed again in the mother’s flames, while others reinvigorated by the mother’s energy, the mother’s love, fly off again to experience new life in the air, the cosmos or the universe, burning brightly and leaving trails of glory in their wake.

The only call from the mother , ‘where would you like to go now?’ echoes through the corridors of magnetism, energy and vibration. Translated, her call could mean, ‘what do you need in experience to complete your journey?’

When you reply, as any child would, ‘I want to see this and do that and try the other thing from the last time.’ the loving parent warns that it would be impossible to have all that in a single burst of energy, better to have one thing at a time and then review and see where best to go next.

The final choice is yours of course and wanting to experience everything means that despite the obvious drawbacks you want to do it all. You want to be able to say that you have been there, done that and got the scars to prove it.

Conscious of the dangers, any mother wants to protect her child and offers some help along the way. She advises that when rising into the morning breeze and feeling the glow returning, to look briefly into the mirror. There is seen a reflection that is in truth another self that you can look upon as your guardian. Some even call this other self the Guardian Angel.

Your other twin helps, not only in the physical world, but in the surrounding ethers that enable it to guide and guard you from less obvious pitfalls when your consciousness is concerned and focused on your present existence.

However, in the process of life there will come a time, sooner or later, when even within the most intense and energetic concern, you feel the call to experience something more exciting and beyond just that solid energy. Something less dense, more ethereal, more cosmic calls you.

It is at this point that you may realise the validity and importance of your twin. As you gaze into the mirror with new vision you realise that the other is more real than the one you touch and smell and hear and even taste.

Communication takes on a new meaning. You find that in moments of quiet you can talk without words and listen without ears. Why would you need ears, tongue or lips when the one with whom you speak is within?

The first answer to your myriad questions is possibly the most startling, since you know it is like a precious pastry of truth holding the fruit of wisdom, especially baked in the mother’s fire for you to taste and savour, but most of all to feed and use in the service of other glowing embers from the same fire, the same source as yourself.

Back through the corridors of time, through frequencies divine a mother’s words of wisdom are the highest inspiration that you can receive. You have discovered the key to universal consciousness, from there it is a short skip, at the speed of thought, to the source of all there is.


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