I had always been told that Lord Krishna was a naughty boy in his youth and stole the butter. This beautiful explanation arrived from Sai Baba, via Heart2Heart, today.

Lord Krishna, in His childhood days, broke the mud pots where butter was stored. The inner meaning is that Lord Krishna broke the material casement and liberated them from their temporary attachments. He then appropriated to Himself what always belonged to Him – the butter of faith. This butter is the result of the churning of the mind, the spiritual discipline of self-purification. The deha-thathwa (the feeling, “I am the body”), must go and transform into dehi-thathwa (the belief, “I am embodied”). Take a small quantity of sea water and keep it separate in a bottle; it will develop a foul smell in a few days. As long as the water remains in the sea, nothing will happen to it. Be in the sea (of Divinity), as a part of it. Do not separate and individualize yourself. Never isolate yourself as the body (deha) , separate from the Indweller (Dehi). So long as you are in the Divine Consciousness, no pain, grief, egoism or pride can tarnish you.

– Sathya Sai Speaks: Vol 5, Jan 29, 1965.


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One Response to LORD KRISHNA and the BUTTER

  1. I have learnt something new today Many thanks..x


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