Moses Tape #8

Once in the long ago on a hilltop a Master Soul was crucified with two others as a common criminal. He made the ultimate sacrifice – in earthly terms he gave his life.

His manner of death was known to him, his life purpose was known to him, he was capable of understanding. You are not and therefore do not know your life purpose. It is revealed to you in ways and at times that you can accept.

There are sacrifices along the way that you know you must make in order to progress along your pathway. Those of you who know but are not prepared to make the sacrifices will not move forward. Your progress is halted for a period until you can perceive the truth and the need to move forward again.

Or if your perception is in the darkness you may not move forward further than you are now in this lifetime. If stagnation, immobility does occur it will usually manifest on all levels and you will see this begin to show itself in the mind and in the body.

If you are not prepared to move forward understand that your helpers cannot push you where you do not wish to go even though it is the right way forward for you.

You must be prepared to put that first foot forward even though it may mean making a sacrifice. You will not be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice that the Master made but you will know in your inner being what things must be changed in order for you to be able to go forward.

Most sacrifice involves change. You are averse to change.

Guidance will come to you in many ways. A chance meeting may bring information that you need. Is anything by chance?

Begin to see chance, coincidence, omen and spirit message, from within or without, for what they really are. When you ask a question the answer comes back to you in many different ways. Be alert and accept the answer from whatever source and use it to guide you forward – if you are still not sure wait for confirmation and then act.

Remember if you need to make a sacrifice and decide not to the only one you cheat is yourself!

In love and faith.


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One Response to Moses Tape #8

  1. We are the Change… and we are given many ‘Signs’ long our road of life.. Many Challenges… and sometimes Sacrifice… All to our progression .. Love and Gratuitude


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