Peaceful protest is the precursor of change.
It is not peaceful protest when one stone is thrown.
There are those who will protect themselves at any cost.
There are those who rule the world who are not qualified to rule.
There are those who seek freedom who do not understand what freedom is.
Most do not have the patience to wait for the pedantic pace of change to take place.
Those not qualified to rule are loathe to leave their level of achievement regardless of the rest.
Those who seek freedom must seek the words to specify what they consider true freedom to be.
True freedom in community involves consensus regardless of family, tribal or regional traditions.
True Community involves freedom within the Law that serves the highest good of ALL citizens.
Community is only served when truth, honesty, love and righteousness become the Law.
Peace will be, only when peace exists within the heart and mind of every citizen.
Patience is the virtue necessary for the achievement of peace.
Dissent allowed within the Law is the energy of change.
Tradition is the enemy of change.


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2 Responses to MORE DAYS OF RAGE 111123

  1. davidtenn says:

    Thanks Sue , so true


  2. Change is needed David and many more days of rage I forsee.. we have to be careful as to how we give of our energy.. for it is very easy for us to get caught up within its vibration… So let us hope we promote energy for Pro-Peace and not Anti-War.. there-in is a difference for we can so easily get caught up within the Negative aspects of what may seem to be a good cause…
    Peace has to come from within as you rightly say, and that day seems along way off… But all each of us can do is to send out our own vibration of thought and add it to ripple effect and hope that peace and love will prevail..
    Blessings ~Dreamwalker


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