HEALING, does it work and if so how? 111115

Sadly, there are many in our sophisticated world who treat any unseen, unheard and unscientifically verified occurrence as sheer hocus pocus.
Then there are many who are aware of the blessing of the healing gift, but do not know what it is or how it works, and some are even afraid to speak of it for fear of ridicule. Others even doubt their gift feeling unworthy of such an amazing Divine blessing. But the truth is, of course, that all humanity is blest with this natural gift as an extension of their empathy and compassion for the rest of humanity and other kingdoms too.
However, many in our world lack the generosity to indulge in compassion or any feeling of love for another. Not to be confused with lust!
As with death there is a natural connection with the spheres that surround us, many of whose reason for being is to assist in the combined work of healing humanity and all other kingdoms throughout the many levels of existence in our Universe.
Some are perhaps understandably reticent and believe that healing should be conducted in silence. But there is ample evidence that those who write and speak specific requests for healing help, are the most effective in the process. Harry Edwards from Burrows Lea Healing Sanctuary at Shere in the UK was a person in point. It is the recording and the sounding that sends the vibration to those who are waiting to assist.
The names of those requesting help are recorded and read out from healing registers in Temples of Light around the world. There is a school of thought that this act of Divine Service, for that is what it is, sets up the necessary structure to effect distant healing without the need to attend a Healing Centre, as the attendance itself can be deleterious to the health of the one seeking help.
Some healers, or perhaps they should be called channels for help or just helpers, to be politically correct, are aware of their connection to the ones who follow their hands, their eyes and their trains of focussed thought to aid in the healing process.
There are now new methods to bring so called scientific legitimacy to the healing process these days, but not regarded by the powers that be as yet! However in time as the population regains it’s psychic perception of all things, we can look forward to another ‘Spiritual Spring’ when the truth will Occupy every mind in every house in every street in the land. Living in positive thought and maintaining our state of superb health which is our natural state of being.


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One Response to HEALING, does it work and if so how? 111115

  1. As a practicing healer myself David I couldnt agree more .. Im smiling here as I just wrote a post on Being.. and it seems many of us have forgotten that state of wellness as we get caught up within this world and its woes..
    Forgive me for not coming around sooner.. I seem to have all the best of intentions and then my email box gets swamped but Im here at last…
    Many thanks for you comments and it is a small world is it not with Wa-Na-Nee-Chee lol…
    I will endeavour now to look at your most recent of postings ..
    ~Dreamwalker 🙂


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