DEATH 111114

Remembering the phrase, ‘you cannot pluck a flower without disturbing a distant star’ from the poem, Mistress of Vision by Francis Thompson, the Law of Cause and Effect comes into play.
Abraham via Esther and Gerry Hicks gave us:
‘We are not pointing any fingers, because there is no blame or judgement from where we are standing. But we have to say to you that we are all part of all that occurs.’
Killing of any life form creates the vibration of death. Which spreads in a wave throughout all dimensions and back to the one that caused the death. It may not be felt by the insensitive but surely something in that one will die.
Death occurs, and is occurring, at many levels from the consciousness through to the individual cells of the physical body. So in moments of desperation when we feel ‘poor me’ we can, by our thoughts alone, cause the death of cells so that others may feel sorry for and hopefully care for us. When we decide that we are OK and want to be healthy again the damage is already done, the cells are dead and cannot be replaced by thought alone.
All that you do, all that you think affects not only those close to you but others on this planet, others that may be unseen and unheard, but then also comes back to you too! The responsibility of existence comes into focus with this revelation.
And so we would say, all that occurs, all that you cause to happen is felt on and in the many spheres that surround and interpenetrate your world, from mental to physical and beyond. So when thinking of action, think cause, think caution before you think!


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  1. Agreed … A very thought can poison ones mind … dis-ease of the mind leads to disease of the Body


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