New Light Group 11

The Divine Plan with 111113
Interesting that others in the group are experiencing the aspect of Oneness that is the New Light bringing the Divine Plan that exists for each of us, within us, into view so to speak. I am working to bring that feeling into every single act, even say the act of bathing that is preparing, cleansing and maintaining in as pure a form as possible, this vehicle for the experiencing of and furthering of the Divine Light in my life. I found the enrichment of the light through the heart and soul of Sirius and the Sun, bringing the connection  to the Source,  a very powerful experience. When Sananda mentioned my vocation it seemed like a reinforcement of what I feel to be the future for me, and bringing the New Light from the inner spaces into the everyday is exactly my intention right now. I find the repetition of the Divine Name very helpful. What also came through to me is that so much of what we concern ourselves with is really of no consequence when viewed in the brilliance of the New Light. As Sananda mentioned the cradle rocking with resonance my chair was already rocking back and forth. It feel very much as if the Divine Plan is actually all of us and if we all come together, as the One we should be, like all the pieces of a huge jigsaw, the whole of the Divine Plan becomes manifest, each of us knowing the essential part we all play in that
Plan. Of course the Plan is ever changing as each of us progresses on the path.
Many Blessings.


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One Response to New Light Group 11

  1. I feel like the plan is coming together… although for a time it will seem as if the pieces of the jigsaw are still in pieces.. but like the jigsaw we need one piece to slot within another before we see the whole picture..


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