Days of Rage are necessary for humankind to regain the right of opportunity to own opinion, but unless listened to by the governing elite and reacted to in the only sensible way, Days of Rage will continue until the voices are heard.

The collapse of currency was foretold many years ago, promoted by the human lust for more than can be afforded and most are guilty on every level. In this time of cuts and austerity many are realising that small and sustainable is good, simple is sensible and saving the only safe option.

The democratic, capitalist based, system of government does not work. Standing back to back and waiting for those few days from election to take as many paces, turn and fire  is a
system of duel-ity that cannot succeed. With the uninformed opinion swinging first one way then another how can it provide for the population? Only those in power, whether they be in local or national government will reap any benefit!

Until those elected to serve are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder facing in the same direction, with the same aims and putting their pettiness in the bin, will there be any chance to provide real prosperity for the population. Some have begun to recognise the only way out of the mess we have made is that Unity must become the new work-word of government and Partnership the name of the game.
We pray they will succeed.


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One Response to LIVING IN DUEL-ITY

  1. Out of Chaos comes clarity.. and its always darkest before the Dawn light.. we will see I feel many upheavals before we feel the calm… But I know also that Mankind is slowly waking up and starting to understand the POWER he holds in his own voice..


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