Moses Tape #7

What is it about you that defies explanation?
Is it how you see yourselves or how others see you?
If you could see yourselves as others see you, you would see yourselves in a new light.
It is this light of new perception that you need to bring in to your lives, the light of truth.

This bright light of stark reality can prove painful on the eyes and hurtful to the heart, but like all pain it is through this experience that you grow.

You are naturally fearful of putting yourselves in a situation that may prove painful especially if that pain comes through the realisation that you may destroy your own illusions about yourselves.

You live in a world of illusion and you compound the illusion by imagining that you are something you are not.

Is it not better to realise the truth and then do something about it?

This is a time of great healing.

Some old wounds have to be opened up in order to let out the puss of enmity, misconception and illusion before true healing can take place.

True healing takes place on many levels. Do not imagine that you live in isolation in your own little world. Everything that happens to you happens to the other spheres of light that surround you.

When true healing takes place it occurs on all the levels, all the spheres of existence.

Mother Earth is going through a slow and painful healing process and you too my friends need to be healed if you are to ascend with her.

Be strong, be prepared to be healed and welcome the change.

See the illusion, the mirage for what it is and learn to recognise and live in truth.

In love and faith


About David

Devonian writer
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