Candle Light

The most powerful tool in a human is choice to change!
So much holds us back that comes into the frame of fear.
There is nothing to fear except fear for we are eternal,
You can change your mind in an instant.
Do you own a gun or a weapon of destruction?
Even if it be a sharp or aggressive tongue,
You can change your weapon for a simple candle.
The fire of a weapon is the fire of death
The fire of a candle is the fire of life,
It replicates the fire of the Divine Source
And signifies the Divine fire within each of us.
We have forgotten how to see the light inside,
The fire, the light we see when we look within
Is the Eternal Flame that will never die.
Every waking moment is the moment to meditate.
Meditate in the Now, in the moment of Divine Light,
In every precious moment of your Eternal Life.


About David

Devonian writer
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