New Light Group 10. with 111023

Investigating the richness of the New Light moving through time, through different lives in the past present and future my Beautiful Presence has become my total Soul Presence within, so the finding of the Soul through the Crown becomes superfluous for me. I liked the idea of the many heart centres since I now believe the presence of the same Soul throughout all current or concurrent realities i.e. past, present or future lives is that Beautiful Presence within me now. The appreciation of the light I suppose I unconsciously entertained before but for the light to appreciate me was a beautiful revelation. When looking at my size in relation to the light, you know the light is not light in the conventional sense so there was no beam, no wave or particle, all encompassing, it just was, and I was one with that energy, merging with it as a being of light, and so too with the angels as beings of light. It was here that I began to drift away connecting with others
and other hearts in unity. On returning I had a slight headache that lasted just a few minutes.
In the second  journey looking at the levels of light through all realities relevant to me, it was like standing at an intergalactic railway station shrouded in mist, with the tracks representing the life at that point, and through the mist was another station, and through the mist another and another etc., the one common denominator being the station master of my Soul. A fantastic appreciation of life and lives with that common Beautiful Presence bathed in the New Light of this momentous moment of now, appreciating the richness of the New Light and the blessing of receipt.
Many thanks and many blessings to you and Sananda.


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