Who would have believed back in July that the Days of Rage would have spread from the obvious unrest in North Africa and the Middle East to Wall Street in New York, to London and Tokyo and all major cities  throughout the world.

14th July 2011 was when Metatron first warned us that the Days of Rage were fast approaching.

I never thought it would have gone this far. From riots in the streets to camping out on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and ‘Occupy Wall Street’ being copied round the world.

Does it tell you anything about the society we have created? The Haves and the Have Nots! How did we allow this to happen? For make no mistake we allowed it. In fact we invited it as did our forefathers back  through recorded time to the time before time when we first became dissatisfied with our lot, we thought we could do better and became greedy.

Don’t think for a moment that we have seen the last of this upheaval. There is a lot more to come until balance is restored. The scales are weighed heavily in the favour of those who wield power. It is a power  so strong that it will take an equal and opposite power in order to restore a kind of balance the world has never seen in recorded time.

This power of peace, of people and of passion is a force that those in power have no means to oppose except with sprays, force and bullets. As we have seen there will be some casualties and more still, until the scales are brought to the centre point. It is a force of change so unusual in our world that the very way we live and breath and have our being will need to take on a new form.

All of us on earth are the forerunners of change we are the ones who have taken on the responsibility to initiate change in the world. We signed up to be here. In other words if you find yourself in a situation that  you regret, come to terms with yourself and your life knowing that you agreed to be here and if all else fails, and you feel you can be of more use elsewhere, then change for yourself is also possible. That goes for those in power too, the rulers, the money moguls and monarchs all.

They have the very painful task of learning to let go, to help to restore the balance by lightening the load on their side of the scales. As we have seen already the obvious oligarchs find it almost impossible to relinquish power, seen by many as totally obscene, but those who are hidden from the light of day will find it even harder. Their fortunes are not just in themselves but in generations. So spare a prayer for those whose task is beyond our normal understanding in this wayward world.


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