SORT YOURSELF OUT (on the way to Ascension) … 111016

Listening to young students at Chinese schools in Hong Kong I am concerned at the huge
pressure they are under to perform and obtain high grades, from both the schools and the parents. The result is that the rate of suicide is high among these young achievers. There is now a department set up to monitor, investigate and support students showing signs of stress at the Chinese University. Some enlightened parents have even moved their children to schools less concerned with grades and with more emphasis on producing well rounded and happily educated young people.

Young people round the world and those of us whose exam time is mostly over face a new
challenge. Our curriculum right now is learning how  to cope with Ascension!

As Metatron told us some months ago, many of us are like young children sticking our
fingers in the sockets and being surprised at the shocks we receive. The electrical solar radiation coming inexorably towards us from the sun is causing many new phenomena both in the earth and in us. We feel things changing within our physical bodies that doctors cannot understand, and certainly there is an expansion of consciousness going on that is literally mind boggling! The most important aspect of life right now is for us all to understand how we feel individually.

So how do you feel?

The accusation levelled at me has been ‘you are selfish’. Inferring, ‘how dare you behave in
a way that I don’t like’ or, ‘how dare you please yourself and do what you want to do’.
My advice to you is to be yourself and do exactly what you want to do!
If you would rather go for a walk in the woods than sweep the yard, go for the walk.
I’ll have to get a record made of:  … and the master said, ‘Know thyself’.

In other words notice how you feel, learn what’s right for you, hold the vision  and project what you want as if you were a mobile film projector shining your dream on the wall in front of you everywhere you go. When you do this you create a specific vibration that shows the world who you are and what you want. More importantly you alert the Universe and by the power of the spiritual Law of Attraction everything and everyone in that energy stream will be attracted to you. This is one of the secrets of Ascension!

As one of the young girls in Hong Kong said, ‘sort yourself out and then everything else
will fall into place’. This  pragmatic view applies to us all in the struggles we become involved in or that we place upon ourselves. I am impressed by such wise heads on young shoulders and would remind you all, as you sort yourselves out, to listen to the young ones, they too have a story to tell. Remember though  they also have a habit of telling the truth. Like when I went to see my daughter and family and had my hair scraped back in a pony tail. As we sat down to dinner my young granddaughter looked across the table at me and said, ‘What large ears you have Papá, they are huge!’


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2 Responses to SORT YOURSELF OUT (on the way to Ascension) … 111016

  1. What a great post. I am still sorting myself out it seems 🙂 I got such a smile over your ears 🙂 Yes, we can count on the young ones to make us smile. I am so glad I found your writing, such wonderful work.


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David.

    Yes, it is true, our generation believed in points and marks and achievements without looking at the mental health of the concerned. Although I do believe that, to be happy, you have to feel happy and that to feel happy you have to live happily, I know that we still live in a society that has rules, customs and prejudices, and seldom accepts those who do not abide to the decrees. Should we forget this verity ? Can we pretend that we can only be happy if our feelings correspond to the general notion of happiness or should we just shrug our shoulders and say like Louis XV of France : ” Après moi le déluge!!” (or to translate it in English … “See if I care!” ).
    I do agree that we should all look for the inner happiness granted by doing a job we love or by pursuing a dream we have, but, I am sure, you will agree with me, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to project his dream on the wall in front of him, for too often there are so many cracks in that wall.
    I promise myself that I will do all I can to live happy but I am afraid I will not be able to forget that others have the right to be happy as well. Remember the saying : ” My liberty ends where yours starts.!!” (or v.v., of course!).
    Thanks for showing us the way.
    Love and Light.



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